Tuesday, September 7, 2010

U.S. Navy personnel visit Center for Youth at Sta Rita

As part of their community relations project, men and women of USNS AMELIA EARHEART painted rooms in the city's center for youth. Bags of goodies were also given to the youth housed in the center. The remaining unused gallons of paint were also donated to the center for upkeep of the facility.
Men and women of USNS AMELIA EARHEART who participated in the activity.
The USNS Amelia Earhart
(T-AKE 6) Military Detachment:

CDR Kyle Bryan
LT Sal D'Amato
OSCS Phillip Heldt
LSCS Tajudeen Saka
LS1 Garry Beton
LS2 Roly Roy
LS2 Brendan Barranger
LS2 Jessie Dickerson
OS2 Nahyira Soriano
OS2 Jonathan Marvick
OS2 Thanh Vi
CDR KYLE BRYAN joins Ed Piano and Arch. Luz Casipo
Kids and personnel of the city's social welfare services gave thumbs up sign and expressed their wholehearted appreciation to the volunteers from USNS AMELIA EARHEART. City Mayor James Gordon, Jr thru representative Coun. Ed Piano extended gratitude to the effort and act of friendship shown by the group. Photo by Mark Orpiano

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